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125logo-small-en_GB.jpgBlatchford Products Limited and endolite are companies and trade marks of Chas. A. Blatchford & Sons Ltd.
Good health and mobility is vital to all of us and finding smart solutions to the challenges of disability in our changing world cannot wait. That’s why we at Blatchford are committed to being a global leader in prosthetics and to helping change thousands of lives for the better through providing safe, effective and exciting prostheses and related services to the people who need them. We have a leading portfolio of components called endolite that work effectively across a broad range of therapeutic areas and an industry-leading pipeline of promising new products in areas such as biomimetically designed and microprocessor controlled limbs.

Orion Knee

The Orion is a microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee in which the sensors measure knee action in real time and process that information to anticipate support and speed requirements. Hydraulic and pneumatic knee control actuators regulate the knee speed and security providing optimal walking on stairs, slopes and over flat terrain. This results in fewer falls for the person wearing the prosthesis and a very natural and relaxed gait.

Elan foot


The Endolite Elan foot is a revolutionary new prosthetic foot/ankle system with microprocessor controlled speed and terrain response. Sensors continuously monitor environmental feedback and the algorithm changes the foot characteristic to offer the safest, most comfortable and energy efficient response on the flat, descending or ascending ramps and stairs. The hydraulic ankle control ensures silent operation and sinuous movement that biomimetically matches the Activity Level 3 user’s body and walking style.

Echelon foot

The Echelon foot is a unique prosthetic device, which provides self-alignment of the prosthesis on varied terrain and following footwear changes. It has an instant impact on postural symmetry, easing abnormal pressures at interface and other joints.

Wearing Echelon ensures stability and confidence on uneven surfaces and is ideal for high level amputees who need security when rising from sitting to standing and particularly on slope.

KX06 knee

Discover more deeply KX06 knee



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